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New facility Fuel Depot was commissioned in Sakhalin Western Seaport, Kholmsk.
JV LLC Sakhalin-Shelf-Service was put on Awards and Recognition Board
JV LLC Sakhalin-Shelf-service was given memorial note on the Day of Oil and Gas Industry Worker

Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Operations Base

Year of foundation: 1998.
Customers: Schlumberger Logelco Inc., Cameron, LLC Rigtek, LLC Krilyon Service, LLC Dalsatkom.
Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Operations Base supports all companys supply bases, maintains equipment  and provides cargo transportation . It is involved into all Sakhalin shelf development projects execution. Also, there are hazardous waste (I-IV class) treatment facilities, functioning on the base.    
 In 2013 the facility was gasified.
Offices - 450 2.
Warehouses - 4306 2.
Open storage areas - 20000 2.
Container storage and processing area.
Low boy truck with trailer (75 tns).
Mobile cranes, capacity 50-90 tns.
Forklifts, capacity 3-5 tns.
Trucks, capacity 18-42 tns.
PERSONNEL: up to 80 people.