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New facility – Fuel Depot – was commissioned in Sakhalin Western Seaport, Kholmsk.
JV LLC “Sakhalin-Shelf-Service” was put on Awards and Recognition Board
JV LLC “Sakhalin-Shelf-service” was given memorial note on the Day of Oil and Gas Industry Worker

Provision of customs services

Professional approach to customs processing is one of the main condition of successful international economic activity.   
JV LLC «Sakhalin-Shelf-Service» is an active participant of transport and forwarding services and has its own storage areas. Knowledge of customs law allows our specialists provide high quality level services to our customers. 

All customs operations are to provide security of cargo for further inspection, making measurements and other activities based on requested customs procedure. The service includes temporary customs storage of goods until customs clearance is over. The service is provided in Korsakov (Korsakov Supply Base), Kholmsk (SWSP) and on Supply Base of JV LLC “Sakhalin-Shelf-Service” in Murmansk.   

     By conclusion of agreement with our company an agreement for temporary storage of foreign cargo, you will get professional services which include the following:

  •     Issue of warehouse documentation, permits of customs authorities related to placement of goods for temporary storage in customs control zone and on temporary storage warehouse;
  •     Inventory accounting of goods and further provision of reports to customs authorities;
  •     Unloading and loading (transshipment) of cargo;
  •     Placement of cargo in customs control zone and temporary warehouse considering their physical and chemical properties ;
  •     Provision of cargo safety;
  •     Weighing, measuring and counting of foreign cargo items;
  •     Acceptance and storage of foreign cargo following GOST ISO 9001:2015, GOST Ð 54934-2012/OHSAS 18001:2007, GOST R ISO 14001:2007;
  •    Storage of foreign cargo observing the condition of storage  based on its hazardous class;
  •     Packing/unpacking of goods, labeling;
  •     Issue of documents related to hand over of goods from customs control zone and customs warehouse;
  •     Consultation services.

In relation with globally increasing level of environmental awareness and strict requirements of law, JV LLC “Sakhalin-Shelf-Service”  made it mandatory to follow such requirements, showing its careful attitude to environment. Deep analysis of existing environmental problems showed that the situation around production and consumption waste needs urgent solution.  That is why major part of operational process is devoted to waste treatment.

The company may collect, accommodate, transport and hand over for further treatment waste, generated as a result of company’s own activity as well as those waste generated by other companies.  Only special licensed waste treatment companies are involved in this work.   
JV LLC «Sakhalin-Shelf-Service» has license for collection, transportation, processing, neutralization and disposal of I-IV hazardous class waste.   

JV LLC «Sakhalin-Shelf-Service» may treat the following waste:

  • Used mercury lamps;
  • Used batteries; 
  • Used oily liquids, oils and mud; 
  • Materials, contaminated with oil (rugs, filters, sorbents); 
  • Polymer waste; 
  • Used vehicle tires and other similar products; 
  • Solid domestic waste, package materials, wood and food waste; 
  • Drill waste; 
  • Ferrous scrap and other waste.

Company’s personnel have attended special training courses giving right for hazardous waste treatment. It is confirmed by relevant certificates.