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New facility Fuel Depot was commissioned in Sakhalin Western Seaport, Kholmsk.

New facility Fuel Depot was commissioned in Kholmsk Sakhalin Western Seaport.   Top management of JV LLC Sakhalin-Shelf-Service, minister of transport Degtyarev V., representatives of Monostry of natural resources and environment, port employees and Kholmsk administration officials attended the ceremony.

Total area of new facility is more than 23 000 m2. By commissioning this facility, vessels will be able to bunker in the northern harbor of the Port. It is much safer and more convenient than offshore.   Fuel Depot infrastructure includes berth, specially equipped for tankers and bunkering of vessels as well as tanks for storage of oil products.  Onshore bunkering protects vessel against any weather conditions such as storm and allows conducting operations any time of the day and year.